Your sober bartender.

For most, drinking isn’t their problem or solution. They can socialize and control their intake without having to do drugs to bounce themselves right up. They can recollect their night knowing they didn’t hurt or cause any damage. They are the life of the party.

For me, it was complete opposite…it was my solution for allllllll my problems. Once I started drinking, the choice of wanting to be in control was gone. I couldn’t drink without doing drugs because I didn’t have a limit and if I did have a limit it was blackout point. With those blackouts, I still have flashback memories of nights I thought would never remember. I hurt so many people while being f*^ked up because I was screwed up and didn’t care what damage I left behind. I left an impression that made people leave because they were unimpressed. I thought I was the life of the party but really I was just a mess.

I am proud af to overcome what I thought would kill me and fought through shit I thought would destroy me.

I Thank God for all that he has given me. I may not have always stuck to him, but he was always stuck by me. The times I doubted myself, he gave me hope. When I was weak, he gave me strength. When I was naive, he gave me wisdom. When I was scared, he gave me courage. When I was mad and angry, he gave me love and peace. When I was playing the victim, he showed me how to be a victor. When I finally decided to give up all my demons, he gave me all of his angels.
Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. Why be a worrier when you can be a warrior?

Here’s to 3 years of being sober 💪🏼


Contributor: Melissa

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